by VesuV

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released November 25, 2015




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VesuV Nuremberg, Germany

As a sidekick of their other bands, M (drums, vocals, samples) and N (guitar, vocals) started a project and happened to develop some actual song ideas throughout the years.

When J joined on bass in early 2014, VesuV was born.

The result is a mixture of challenging noise rock with lots of even poppy melodies... but always with that mean asskick in mind.
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Track Name: Aluminum Peroxide
i want to consume and i need to digest my own tomatoide, my own tomato / homegrown, fresh and sweet, homegrown and ready to eat / like the ones you see in those ads on tv / so red and juicy, juicy and red / i need to grow my own tomato // aluminum peroxide killed my tomatoide // i cultivate, i anticipate, i can hardly wait for my delicate / wrap in silver foil, connect wire and coil / extra ingredient for the best measurements / what i fully understand is the cultivation of the land / i pour more peroxide and my heart fills with pride / but what do i see inside / my tomatoide, it died
Track Name: Wrong Default
delivered with a inept malfunction inside / a chip that allows to think raises decisions to fight / the working mode is so disturbed, don't know who to blame / maybe that factory worker, i think i go insane // that bitch! // he installed that chip inside of me / no processing of a stack of tasks my thoughts are too free / the work flow is corrupt that's what i cannot accept / to simplify my brainload i think i'm gonna break my head // that hurts! // all at once and nothing's complete / gonna think that one through and then i go to sleep // so that's all folks i'm sick of it i rest my case / who manages that boredom written in my face / i need workload or else i'll disappear / into meaninglessness, my biggest fear // that sucks!
Track Name: Retarnation
the golden rules of business talk, i think you master them well / confuse everybody with your complicated words to assure that no one will ever understand / and lie to everyone's face / never say the truth / do everything to keep your ego trip clean but don't push it to far / nice suit, nice tie, but a mouth full of lies and don't be honest at all / and you're talking shit all the time // painkillers all weekend / is it worth to come back next monday? / the social fuck up, it's you! / and you’re not funny at all // this iteration looks bad, they will crucify you / the performance is poor, they will crucify you / there’s no progress at all, they will crucify you / and this fucking tie doesn’t match your ugly shoes // you won the game that no one wanted to play
Track Name: Robot's Deeds
in outer space / something weird happens / my planet implodes / everything's lost / 9 billion miles / more than a long distance call / gonna reach you / after all
Track Name: Crash Of The Bumblebee
Track Name: Gonorrhoe
she's gonna get it now
Track Name: Bradley & Edward
what a decision for the rest of your life / but no one is listening they're just watching your jive // you could have simply walked away // george orwell’s 1984 wasn’t a fucking instruction book / but now the technique's here and i click i like // when a peace noble price winner hunts down the ones who stood up for the truth / you know that something is fucked up with that system
Track Name: Room 202
standing in the lobby, trying to be invisible / when i heard your name and your room ID, number 202 / slowly sneaking upstairs i hear your voice / jealousy crawling over me, leaving me no choice / stop the anger is something i don’t know // i’m feeling nothing, that’ll be ok / but in my tummy there are these bits of jealousy // staring down the doorway i’m not able to move / i clearly hear that male voice speak, now i need proof / slowly approaching the door to your room / standing there i can't remember what the fuck is gloom // i stumbled backwards, falling down the hall / that’s when i realize i have no feelings at all // in an awkward way i kinda like that / is it presence of jealousy or lack of intimacy // i should stop worrying
Track Name: Try Me
there’s no regret no matter what i said / no combination of good and bad / so there’s no reason to rectify / so don’t even try to figure out why // why do there have to be so many dumb fucks / open your eyes and i close mine / some say that ignorance is bliss / i go along being just fine // the lack of toilet paper ruins my day / otherwise than that i don’t give a shit // hey asshole come on hit me with your best shot / another hit i couldn’t care less / but if you miss again i’ll go along and rave about / and leave you in your fucked up mess
Track Name: Asshole Airport
lost my wallet at the asshole airport / no way out at the asshole airport / watch your step at the asshole airport / no salvation at the asshole airport